Bella’s porn shoot with Tina Horn and Bianca Stone

On October 6, 2012, Bella Vendetta did a porn shoot with Tina Horn and Bianca Stone in NYC for Bianca’s website











La Domaine Esemar’s August 2012 Party

Nearly each month, La Domaine Esemar hosts a kink party for family and friends, new and old. On August 18-19, Master Murphy Blue was the guest of honor, and provided the attendees with a workshop on Japanese rope bondage–his specialty. This was an interactive workshop, where Mistresses and Masters practiced tying up their slaves, as they learned the various knots and ties. After theworkshop, there was the usual delicious, organic meal, which included both venison and tofu chili by Mistress Bella Vendetta as well as other treats. Once the guests were fed, the usual party shenanigans took place late into the night.




Ninja Mike’s Visit

Ninja Mike is a long term client at La Domaine Esemar. His kink interests are focused on crucifixion and Catholic symbology. During his most recent visit on August 15th, 2012, as he rigged his cross, he told me that growing up Catholic, he found the representations of the crucifixion of Jesus erotic. This fueled his interest in crucifying the goddess figure, who suffers for others as a selfless act of giving and caring. He has been seeing Mistress More in her role as a submissive, where they enact scenes based on the crucifixion of the goddess.